Freddy Bowen

Full-stack engineer, systems architect, and well-spoken hacker of applications that often integrate with enterprise systems, department-level solutions, and bespoke applications. Seasoned problem-solver who provides pragmatic, clever guidance when surrounded by immutable constraints. Managing consultant for whom client success ranks first among concerns. Leader of collaborative, positive interactions between colleagues, stakeholders, and communities. Advocate for open standards and cross-platform compatible solutions. Spouse, father, mentor, pragmatic techie, and someone who is always happy to help.

Specialties:  .NET C#, SQL, Node.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XSL, Linux, and communications

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As a consultant for the past 14 years at a Management Services consulting firm that specializes in Records Management and Electronic Content Management, I am very well experienced in handling all technical aspects of both structured and unstructured data sets. I enjoy interacting with all levels within client organizations, from developing proposals and defining projects with senior management, to implementing solutions within departments, and asking the right questions to roll-out solutions that satisfy the daily needs of busy staff. I am a full-stack developer. I have experience programming web applications large and small, generally on Microsoft platforms, involving client/server programming in .NET, C#, SQL, Javascript, JQuery, XSL, HTML, and CSS. Simultaneously, I have been the administrator for the firm's infrastructure consisting of Microsoft servers, Sharepoint Online, Office 365, Azure, Active Directory (LDAP), VPNs, Xen VMs, VMWare VMs, Linux servers, Amazon/AWS, firewalls, backups, scripting, Wordpress, and more. As Managing Consultant of Application Development, I am responsible for either personally developing or leading focused teams to develop, deploy, and support applications with one focus: bridge the problems my clients' face with the solutions they desire.

While developing projects from scratch is always fun, I get special satisfaction from working with code in legacy systems, bad/failed implementations, or the complicated, unglamourous backend work that other developers shirk or botch routinely. I enjoy hacking, discovering how systems work, and leveraging that knowledge to make new features possible. This persistence allows me to excel at systems integration work. I am also a developer who enjoys writing SQL while many do not. I love regular expressions. I was deep into CouchDB when it was fresh and enjoy Node.js work when it's available. I am a polyglot programmer and I enjoy working in C#, although I am moving toward favoring F#, and I believe the possibilities opened by .NET Core going open-source and cross-platform will be monumental. I run Windows 2016 for .NET development and Funtoo Linux for everything else.

I am interested in freelancing, working with start-ups, and continuing to improve the accessibility, usability, and performance of enterprise systems for mega corps to the benefit of the always gratified daily users of those frequently wretched systems.

I reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my wife and two young children. Outside of work, I am interested in good fiction, old home restoration, rowing/sculling, antiquated electronics, Spanish cured meats, shepherding (seriously), and jazz.

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